Data Sources for Infographic: People Love Evs This Much

Transparency is good! Below is the full list of data sources referenced in the infographic “People Love EVs THIS Much” from Plugless Power — makers of the world’s first wireless EV charger.

Consumer Reports most satisfying car overall has been an EV every year since 2011 based on Consumer Reports New Car Owner Satisfaction Survey of over 200,000 vehicle owners in the US. Owners surveyed had owner their vehicle for 1-3 years.

Consumer Reports’ top car for percent of owners who say “I would definitely buy again!”
2011 Chevy Volt – 93% 93%
2012 Chevy Volt 92% 92%
2013 Tesla Model S 99%
2014 Tesla Model S 98%
2015 Tesla Model S 97%

Consumer reports most satisfying commuter car – electric cars take the category easy as – 1, 2, 3!
Evs “take the pain out of driving to work”
Source: Consumer Reports Article

EV Ratings High Across The Board
Source: Consumer Reports / InsideEVs

Cheaper to Drive on Electricity Than Gas in All 50 States
Full map and article:
Sources and Data:

Number of Public Charging Outlets in US
Source: US Dept of Energy Alternative Fuels Data Center – Alternative Fueling Station Counts by State

EV Maintenance can be 35% less than ICE vehicle maintenance
Source: 2014 Study by Dr. Willi Diez, Mehr Profit durch Kundenbindung at the Institute for Automotive Research (IFA) at the Nürtingen–Geislingen University in Germany
Media coverage of study in English:

EV vs Hybrid vs ICE Lifecycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions Comparison
Source: Rajagopal et al. Practium Project Final Report: Lifecycle Analysis Comparison of a Battery
Electric Vehicle & a Conventional Gasoline Vehicle. UCLA Institute of the Environment & Sustainability 2012

Electric Vehicle Sales Growth
Source: InsideEVs Monthly Plugin Sales Scorecard (+ linear projection for the last two months of 2016)