How to upgrade your EV to wireless charging

Your purchase includes all labor and hardware required to upgrade your vehicle for wireless charging

  1. The vehicle upgrade hardware is installed using existing manufacturer connectors. It takes a trained technician about 2 hours.Your vehicle is now ready to charge wirelessly.
  2. Install the Plugless Power™ charging station where you park (see below) and you’re done.

How do I install my Plugless Power™ charging station at home?

  • Your Plugless Power™ charging station is shipped directly to you with all mounting hardware and simple instructions included.
  • Simply power the charging station with an existing 240V outlet. Or have your electrician hardwire the station directly to your circuit.
  • Example: Plugless Power™ for Model S™ can come equipped with the same NEMA 14-50 Plug used on most 50Amp Tesla™ home charging station.

That’s it — Plugless Power™ does the rest. Now your EV can charge itself.

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