Introducing the 2nd Generation Plugless System

The First and Only Wireless EV Charger in the Known Universe Just Got Universally Better

Photo: Control Panel and Parking PadBy the end of 2017 Plugless will be available on 80% of the EVs in North America, making interoperable wireless charging a reality for most EV drivers. This expansion will be built on the 2nd Generation Plugless system which can pack more than twice the power in the same elegant Plugless enclosures.

More than twice the power in the same elegant enclosures.
Up to 7.2kW charging and 20 – 25 miles of range per hour.

Plugless has delighted EV drivers with always-topped-off charging for more than two years. Plugless owners just park to charge. They love forgetting to charge.

Image: 2nd Generation Vehicle AdapterThe new Plugless platform has one-touch pairing and is cross-compatible across supported EVs.

Reservations are open now for the first Gen 2 Plugless system. A 7.2kW Plugless system for the Tesla Model S.

To get to 80% EV coverage, Plugless will emphasize support for the most successful EVs in North America. High on the consideration list is the BMW i3, Tesla Model X, Chevy Bolt, Ford EVs, and a 6.6kW configuration for the Nissan LEAF. Tesla Model 3 will be a priority when deliveries begin.

The 2nd Generation Plugless Platform is designed to make vehicle integration much more flexible. Manufacturer support for Plugless, either through approved accessory programs or series production development is another factor in the timing of new supported EVs.


Image: Plugless Model S
2nd Generation Plugless System Features

  • Fastest Wireless EV Charger available for purchase in the world. Up to 7.2kW charging and 20 to 25 miles of range per hour
  • One-touch pairing in a completely redesigned and simplified user control panel for ultimate reliability
  • 1” ultra-thin vehicle receiving coil – allows for flexible vehicle integration including front-end pad placement for even easier alignment
  • Parking Pad’s 1500 lb. rollover specification can handle a 100D Tesla S with a grand concert piano strapped to the top
  • The Parking Pad enclosure is weatherproofed at Canadian-Coast-Guard-Icebreaker specification levels.
  • Cross-compatibility across 2nd Generation Plugless systems
  • Enhanced performance in all temperature extremes. From -30°C to 50°C or -22°F to 122°F and the highest degree of weatherproofing

Plugless has mastered the seamless integration of wireless EV charging accessories into electric vehicles of four auto manufacturers. The EVs think they are plugged in, and all functionality, charging capabilities and battery management are unchanged.

We simply add the simplest over-the-air EV charging in the world.


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