Canadian Plugless Customer Demos Wireless EV Charging for Corporate Knights Magazine

“It’s been working really great,” he says. “I think this is one of those technologies that are here to stay.”

Corporate Knights Magazine, a Canadian outlet devoted to the intersection of environmental responsibility and business, posted a story about investment in the EV economy in Ontario province  (urging for more). The story, by Tyler Hamilton, begins with a description of how Plugless is a leading edge EV technology:

“Ben Faiola drives his Michigan-made Chevy Volt into his garage, turns it off and just walks away. Usually, he’d have to do what nearly all electric vehicle owners must do to start their next trip on a fully charged battery: plug the car into a wall charger.

Not Faiola. He’s one of a handful of people in Canada who has installed a wireless EV charging system called Plugless, developed by Richmond, Virginia-based Evatran Group. The system just sits on the floor of Faiola’s garage. All he has to do is drive over it with the help of a wall-based unit that uses light signals to guide him in like an airplane on a runway.

Once the vehicle is properly positioned, magnetic fields are used to transfer energy across several inches of air from the floor pad to a receiving coil attached to the bottom of the car. It’s the future of EV charging, says Faiola, who as an employee of of Vaughan, Ontario, is on the front lines of EV innovation.

“It’s been working really great,” he says. “I think this is one of those technologies that are here to stay.”

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