Asks if Plugless is the Wave of the Future in EV Charging

For this recent write-up, on the website of nationally-syndicated consumer expert Clark Howard, we’ll just go with the “Bottom Line” answer to the question posed in the author’s headline: Plugless charging: The wave of the future?

“As it stands now, Evatran is the lone provider of this technology but competitors are sure to come along. And, while this technology seems new and futuristic, it’s predicted that within the next five years, systems like this will be commonplace within the electric car and PHEV market.

Driving an electric car does present new routines and anything that makes the experience more fluid and simpler will be a great benefit for those who are new to EVs. Even those who are experienced with plugging in can benefit from the simplicity brought about by the plugless system.”

Plugless owner Jason Bass weighed in too:

“Early adopters are also incorporating plugless charging into their homes.  Lawrenceville, Ga. resident Jason Bass has the system installed in his home and on his Chevrolet Volt.  Jason says that part of the appeal of plugless charging for him was giving his home ‘the house of the future feeling’ and that it the system makes the experience of owning an EV easier.  He also said that it’s terrific for ‘forgetful types’ and he advises those siting on the fence to ‘go for it!'”

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