How Many Turkeys Can You Stuff Into A Model S?

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By Mia Yamauchi
turkey looking at tesla

Model S owners gave the luxury EV the highest possible rating on cargo space in Consumer Reports’ latest survey. It’s little wonder. With 31.6 cubic feet of cargo space it nearly doubles that of gas-powered alternatives such as the Porsche Panamera. Lower the seats and the Model S’ rear cargo volume expands to 58.1 cubic feet. Count the front trunk, or “frunk” where Model S’ combustion engine isn’t, and it racks up a total of 63.4 cubic feet. It sure sounds like a lot, but what does that mean?

For one thing, it means the Model S can carry a whole lot of Thanksgiving food. If you’re driving a Model S to your holiday celebration this year, you may want to nominate yourself to do the big grocery run. It will be efficient in more ways than one!

Based on a rough calculation using common kitchen items, you can fit 35.2 cans of cranberry sauce into one cubic foot of volume. By that calculation you could stack over 2,200 cans of cranberry sauce into a single Model S and still have room to squeeze in and drive home.

Tesla Model S Fits 2,200 Cans of Cranberry Sauce
model s cargo volume in cranberry sauce
That many…X 10

It’s Not Thanksgiving Without A T(of)urkey

How many turkeys could you stuff into a Model S? Hopefully you are as surprised and amused as I was to find out that there is, indeed, a web app for that. Super helpful for anyone who wants to avoid the messy process of figuring out how many turkeys’ worth of volume fit into a given space. According to the Volume of a Turkey calculator, a 30-pound turkey gobbles up roughly 0.6 cubic feet in volume (including 25% loss for the inefficiencies of turkey packing). That means you could stuff a whopping 105 turkeys into a Model S.

How many people could you feed at Thanksgiving with the t-day treats you can pack into a Tesla sedan? Let’s start off with an estimate of 1 gallon of food and drinks per person. That’s 8 baseballs worth of food stacked on a plate and 4 per pints of drinks per person on average. Add an additional 25% of the volume for waste and packaging, and you could feed just about 380 people at a very, very long Thanksgiving dinner table. That’s with the food you could cart home in just one trip with a Model S. The average american consumes 4,500 calories worth of food on Thanksgiving day. If the energy in one Model-S-load of food could be converted to kWh, the Model S’ Thanksgiving feast could power the car all the way across the US. And back again.

Model S gives drivers a whole lot to be thankful for. Especially during grocery runs. And if you arrive home and find your arms too full of tofurkey to plug in your car, Plugless for Tesla can lend a hand. Our autonomous charger for Model S welcomes you home and takes one more thing off your list. That’s always nice. Especially over the holidays.

how many turkeys can you fit in a Model S

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