Plugless for Tesla Model S

What’s Included in the Plugless Upgrade for Tesla Model S?

The Plugless upgrade includes all parts and labor required to upgrade your Model S with wireless charging capabilities as well as the wireless charging station itself.

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How does wireless charging for Tesla Model S work?

Plugless uses inductive charging technology to eliminate the need to plug in your Tesla.

Plugless uses two magnetic coils, one in the parking pad and the other installed on your upgraded Tesla Model S, to pass power over the air gap.

See this article for a thorough explanation.

Did you work with Tesla on this technology?

No. Plugless is a wireless EV charging accessory that is independently developed by Evatran. Plugless customers have completed over a million hours of wireless charging to date.

Will Plugless affect my vehicle warranty?

No. Like any other fully-reversible vehicle upgrade, adding Plugless as an aftermarket accessory can’t automatically void your warranty. In more than 3 years of installations across the USA and Canada there’s not been one manufacturer warranty issue.

We further protect Plugless owners with our own industry-leading “Love It” Guarantee, which specifically states that if there’s any impact to your vehicle warranty caused by Plugless, we will cover the costs. So if there’s any risk with your warranty, it’s on us.

How does the Plugless upgrade happen?

Your Tesla upgrade will be performed at your local EV auto shop by a Plugless-certified technician. The whole upgrade process takes ~2 hours, and our Customer Care team coordinates the upgrade appointment. Expect a great customer experience.

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How fast is wireless charging for Tesla Model S with Plugless?

A Plugless-enabled Model S charges itself with 20-25 miles of range per hour parked. For the average daily driving distance, a Plugless-enabled Model S is fully recharged in about 1 hour and 40 minutes.  

What are the electrical requirements?

Plugless for the Model S requires a 208/240 volt, 50 Amp, 2-pole, dedicated circuit rated for “continuous duty”. The Plugless charging station can use the same NEMA 14-50 outlet as the Tesla mobile connector, or it can be directly hardwired to a home circuit by your electrician. More details on electrical requirements here. If you have questions about EV charger installation, contact us here. We’re happy to help.

Can the Plugless charging station be installed outdoors?

Yes. Plugless can be installed indoors and outdoors. With an operational temperature range of –22° to 122°F (–30° to 50°C),  the Plugless-enabled Model S can charge itself in any weather, including rain, sleet, snow and heat. In fact, the worse the weather conditions, the more you’ll love how your Tesla takes care of charging for you.

Will it work with Summon?

Yes, we expect Plugless-enabled Teslas to work with Tesla’s Summon and self-driving capabilities. Like many of Tesla’s amazing features, Summon is constantly evolving.  Drop us a line with the exact make and model of your Tesla so we can let you know when we expect to be able to ship Summon-ready Plugless upgrade hardware for your Model S variant.

What is Plugless’ cancellation and return policy?

At any time prior to shipment, you can cancel your order and your money will be fully refunded. Also, you may return Plugless free-of-charge within 45-days of delivery. For more info, click here.

Can I still control the charging schedule for my Plugless-enabled Model S?

With the Plugless upgrade you control charge timing on your Model S the same way you always have. Simply use the charge delay settings from Model S’ giant touch screen or your Tesla app. The Plugless upgrade doesn’t change anything about how you control your Model S, it just lets your Tesla charge itself.

Can I still use corded chargers with my Plugless-enabled Model S?

Yes. You can still charge your Plugless-enabled Model S at corded charging stations. If you’re still into that sort of thing.