Plugless Review – 7 Month Test by Transport Evolved – ‘Automagical’

Last year we sent a Plugless system for the Nissan LEAF to Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield from Transport Evolved, for her to review. Transport Evolved is a top news site covering cleaner, safer, smarter transport and Nikki doesn’t pull punches in her reviews.

Now, more than 7 months later, Nikki has posted her final review of the system and not once, but twice uses the word “auto-magical” to describe Plugless.

Her review focuses on our 1st Generation 3.3kW Plugless system, the only wireless EV charging system available for purchase in the world (for nearly three years now). Nikki then imagines a future of hands-free charging where features like higher-power wireless charging and integration with vehicles, like the Tesla Model S, that have increasing autonomy. We’ve designed our 2nd Gen Plugless system with just such enhancements in mind. In fact, shipments of the 7.2kW (20-25 mile of range per hour) Plugless charger for Tesla Model S have already begun.

Wireless Charging For Tesla Model S.

Here are some of the highlights of Nikki’s review (with links) see the full 10-minute video below:

:35 – “Using the system itself is quite simple you just pull into range of the charging station…all you have to do is just turn the car off and walk away and it charges ‘auto-magically.’

4:03 – Nikki discusses the vehicle integration, including our automotive grade materials and how our system does nothing to affect the function of the EVs J1772 plug

5:02 – “And at home it’s become a wondrous joy to just pull into the charging space get out of the car and the car automatically starts charging without having to think about charging.”

7:54 – Nikki discusses who and why someone should purchase a Plugless system and even though she would not purchase the Gen 1 system now she says…”if you have a Tesla Model S… and you want your car to automatically pull into the garage and auto magically start charging without you touching a thing, then this is for you.”

Finally, looking out into the future Nikki says:

“…if in five or ten years’ time I have an electric car where the wireless inductive charging capabilities of a unit like this match the onboard charging capabilities of the car and perhaps the car can offer some form of autonomy then I want one, I’ll write the check today.”

Nikki won’t have to wait five years and Tesla Model S owners can reserve their Plugless system now and experience the future first as we ramp up deliveries this year.

“I will never own any EV without it…” See More Customer Quotes

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