Tesla Owner Hacks and Facts

Need more proof your Tesla is just… well… insanely awesome?  Check out these owner hacks and facts.

Tesla has no shortage of mind-blowing features. From 5-star safety ratings in all categories by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) (achieved by less than 1% of cars) to accelerating from 0 – 60mph in 2.5 seconds! As a Tesla owner, no question the innovation opportunities are endless.

Tesla Hacks

Glove Box Bumper Guard

Evannex Bumper

Forget the ever-present glove-box avalanche. The folks at Evannex have you covered. Check out the Glove Box Bumper. Problem, averted.

Custom Trailer Hitch by U-Haul

U-Haul will create a custom trailer hitch for Tesla owners.

Set me free why don’t ya… Wireless Charging for the Model S

Cutting the cord is the new electric space car dream. Tesla, unleashed and charging without the cord.

Come home to a smart garage

Wireless Charging For Tesla Model S.

Tesla Facts

My Tesla can haul, what?

Examples fill the internet with videos of Tesla’s speed. But Tesla is also known for its ability to haul, all the while maintaining its speed. If you haven’t had the pleasure, take a few minutes to be blown away by this drag race between a Alfa Romeo 4C and a Tesla Model X in Ludicrous Mode… towing an Alfa Romeo 4C.

Move over minivan, my Tesla can fit that.

The Tesla Model S can fit a shockingly large amount of cargo, 31.6 cubic feet of cargo space to be exact. From the outside it looks like a normal sized sedan, but owners would argue it has the ability to fit the same or more than a mid-sized SUV. Did you know the Model S actually has enough space to fit over 14 large suitcases? With your 3rd bag on a plane averaging $150, you may as well take a road trip. An added benefit is the look on passerby’s’ faces when they watch you load your groceries into the frunk…

14 Suitcases

Making the Big Bucks…the New Tesla Economy

Buying a Tesla is an investment, but worth it. Here are some ways people and companies are tapping into the growing Tesla economy.

UberBlack, meet Tesla.

Buying a Tesla can be quite the investment, unless you’re @stevesasman who used a Tesla for UberBlack making $225 on one ride during the Super Bowl.

Take a Nap and charge your Tesla with AirBnB

AirBnB partners with Tesla in California to give you an opportunity to rest your eyes and charge your spaceship at the same time. Better yet, they worked with this couple to plan their trip down the coast of California!

Tesla ingenuity is about as wide ranging as the opportunities available. The question at hand is, what’s next?