The Fuse Interviews Plugless CEO for Her Take on What Wireless EV Charging Brings to Market

The Fuse, an online advocacy and content website for Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE), dove into the burgeoning wireless EV charging (WEVC) market in a post entitled “The Battle For Convenience: Wireless Charging For EVs”.  The author of the post looked to Evatran (the maker of Plugless) and its CEO Rebecca Hough for the definitive word in the real-world application of wireless EV charging.  Plugless is the only company to have designed, manufactured and sold WEVC directly to EV customers in the world. When it comes wireless EV charging, there’s no better proof than actual customer experience driving the future of the technology.

The beginning of the article explains the aspirations of the WEVC industry: 

Wireless charging is more than an ultra-convenient way to refuel an electric vehicle. Although some would argue that recharging and electric vehicle at home is already more convenient than travelling to the gas station, wireless charging is about more than removing steps inside your garage: It also enables vehicles to charge while in-use, creating added value that would be impossible for conventional vehicles.

“If we can add enough convenience to the system or take away enough doubt, I think that over time that we’ll have more people tipping over the edge and taking the plunge with that new technology [of electric vehicles],” Rebecca Hough, the co-founder and CEO of Evatran, the company that makes Plugless, a wireless EV charging technology that users can install in their home garage, tells The Fuse.

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