Five Myths About Plugless

How many times have you seen the half-truth talking points about EVs? The “it’s a coal car” blargedyblar that makes your hair stand on end? Wireless EV charging gets that too – all sorts of myths are conjured up.

Since we’ve been charging EVs in the field since 2011, we’re uniquely qualified to address the persistent myths. Here are the top 5:


“Wireless EV Charging is years away”

Tesla Model S parked over Plugless System

Since 2011, Plugless has been charging EVs in the field with little outfits like Google, Hertz, and the Department of Energy. And selling directly to EV drivers across the US and Canada since early 2014. Plugless is proven, and our customers can’t imagine life without it.

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Plugless and Nissan Leaf

“It Takes Longer To Charge”

Plugless is an L2 3.3kW charger – that means ~3 to 4 hours for a Volt and ~6 to 8 hours for a LEAF. Same as corded 3.3kWs – except it starts the moment you park.

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“It’s Way Less Efficient”


Plugless is ~7% less efficient than charging with a corded level 1 charging system and ~12% less efficient than corded level 2. In context, for the average Volt owner that’s about $.28 extra per day, and $.33 per day for LEAF owners. And that doesn’t count the cost savings of more battery miles driven, due to automatic, never forget, every-time charging.

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“It’ll void your warranty”

 PLUGLESS Wireless Charging_Raleigh NC

Nope. Not only will Plugless not void your warranty, it LEGALLY cannot (there is something called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act – 1975). But does it change your EV? Not except for giving it superpowers. Your EV features and J1772 work exactly as they always have. Installation is simple, no holes, drilling, splicing, etc. There’s no impact on your warranties – EV or Battery. Plugless is fearless (it’s a machine) – and so is our 45-day ANY REASON return policy and comprehensive warranty.

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“It doesn’t work outdoors”

It does, it has. All over North America. Plugless is made with durable all-weather materials.

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So, there it is. Myths revealed with facts. If you drive an EV, you are already an early adopter, but let us know if you have other questions about Plugless.