EV Charger Comparison: Wireless Vs Corded Charging

What’s it like having the power of hands-free wireless charging? Here’s a side-by-side view.

Coming Home


Plugless recognizes your car as you approach. It lights up and guides you to align over the wireless charging pad.


Corded charging is one extra step when you’re finally home.



Your Plugless-enabled EV can charge itself. It’s designed to be forgotten about and work anyway. One less thing on your list.


It’s easy to remember to plug in. It’s easy to forget, too. Forgetting even occasionally can cause unnecessary frustration.

Arriving at Work


For power users, an optional second wireless charger for the office is the ultimate reserved parking space and charging valet.


Shared workplace charging doesn’t work for everyone.

Charge Scheduling

Your vehicle’s native software and apps still have full control over charge timing. You can set the schedule to take advantage of cheaper nighttime electricity rates the same way you always have. Plugless will make sure your EV is fully charged and ready to go when you are.

Charging Speeds

The 7.2 kW Plugless charger delivers the same charging speed as a 7.2 kW plug-in charger – about 20-25 miles of range per hour of charge time, depending on which EV is being charged.

On the Road

Plugless EVs can still use plug-in chargers as needed.

Customer Care

Connect with real people who are here to make your life easier.

Enhancing your EV


A True Upgrade
Each Plugless system includes an upgrade that allows a Plugless Certified Installer to enable your vehicle’s wireless charging capability.


Status Quo
Plugging in at home requires that you remember to manually manage your refueling process every day or even multiple times per day.

Electrical Requirements

Plugless’ electrical requirements are typical of any Level 2 Charger. You’ll need a dedicated 30-50 amp, 240 volt circuit. Plugless for Tesla connects to the exact same type of outlet as the Tesla mobile connector.


  • 180 Degree Charger Placement
    The Plugless Control Panel can be placed anywhere in the driver’s line of sight during parking. Your EV receives a charge over the air from the Parking Pad.
  • Automated Elegance
    Only Plugless can deliver charging that matches the superior design and simplicity of your EV.
  • All-Weather Convenience
    Ice, snow, sleet, rain, heat – no problem. Simply park and go.



  • Limited Charger Placement
    Corded chargers provide limited placement options. The plugs must be dragged around other vehicles in order to begin or end charging.
  • Yet Another Dongle
    The last thing you need is another charging process, dongle and cord mess to manage every day.
  • Weather Frustrations
    Poor weather makes plugging in annoying at best and nearly impossible at worst.

The EV lifestyle upgrade is complete with wireless charging.

Love your EV even more with Plugless.

You already love your electric driving experience. Quiet, clean acceleration, hassle-free ownership and elegant technology are the way of the future. Your charger shouldn’t keep you tethered to the past.

Talk to your personal Plugless Advisor about upgrading today.