Evatran™ Hires Eleven to Sharpen Concept for Plugless Power™

Wytheville, Va. / Dec. 3, 2009 — Evatran, LLC, a clean technology company producing innovative charging solutions for electric vehicles and extended-range hybrids, announced today that it has contracted with Eleven, LLC, a California-based sustainable design studio, to produce vehicle integration concepts for Plugless Power™, the world’s first “hands-free” proximity charging system for electric vehicles. The dual-component system, consisting of a vehicle adapter that utilizes inductive charging when connected with the station component, offers EV drivers a convenient, universal, and reliable way to charge their vehicles.

“We are extremely pleased to be working with Eleven,” says Rebecca Hough, co-founder and director of sales and marketing for Evatran. “Eleven’s extensive experience with alternative-fuel vehicles makes their firm the ideal partner. They will be helping us determine how to integrate Plugless Power’s vehicle adapter onto several of the most promising makes and models of electric cars.” Eleven’s founder Jason Hill added, “We plan to leverage our experience in developing integral design concepts for Aptera and other major auto manufacturers to help Evatran maximize the appeal and ease-of-use of its revolutionary technology. We recognize that this product has the potential to eliminate the barriers to EV ownership for a great many people.”

Evatran anticipates a production-ready model of Plugless Power™ will be made available to drivers by Fall 2010. For more on Evatran, visit www.evatran.com.

About Evatran

Evatran is the manufacturer of Plugless Power™, the world’s first “hands-free” charging system for electric vehicles. Utilizing a unique dual-component system based on inductive technology, Evatran’s Plugless Power™ will streamline the process of charging electric vehicles and extended-range hybrids by eliminating the nuisance of the cord and the plug. The result is an electric-vehicle charging system that is convenient, universal and reliable. Evatran’s customers are manufacturers, dealers and drivers of electric or extended-range hybrid vehicles. Other customers utilizing Plugless Power™ may include corporations, municipal governments, utilities, residential developers, new homebuilders, retailers and small businesses.

About Eleven

Founded by Jason Hill in 2003, Eleven, LLC is an eco-friendly design studio focused on design-driven vehicular design and product portfolio consultation. A world-class provider of automotive, transportation and product applications, Eleven serves clients ranging from international auto manufacturers to major after-market accessory suppliers. For more on Eleven, visit www.designby11.com.