Plugless Begins Sales of Demonstration Systems for High Powered Autonomous Wireless Charging

Complete 3.6kW and 7.2kW Plugless Demonstration Systems Enable Companies and Research Institutions to Leapfrog Early Inductive Charging Development Phase

RICHMOND, Va. – Evatran Group, Inc. (“Evatran”), the manufacturer and distributor of Plugless, the only wireless EV charger available for purchase in the world is now selling demonstration systems for electrified mobility companies looking to integrate high-powered inductive charging into their products at a fraction of the cost of ground-up or licensed development. Plugless systems have been used by research institutions across the world, installed by electrified fleet companies, military programs and on a fleet of fully-autonomous driverless shuttle buses.

Plugless offers complete 3.6kW and 7.2kW development/ lab systems for sale to qualified companies and research institutions. Each system comes with a complete, functioning benchtop wireless charging system for research including a vehicle simulator. Each system is demonstration-ready right out of the box.

“With the exponential growth of technologies relying on electric motors, and companies exploring varying degrees of autonomy, wireless inductive charging is a popular feature set in product development,” said Ned Freeman, V.P. of Marketing and Sales for Evatran. “Our demo system customers appreciate starting with a working system that has already provided more than 900,000 charge hours in every conceivable environment and across a wide variety of platforms.”

Plugless has been integrated and deployed on Chevy Volt, Nissan LEAF, Cadillac ELR and Tesla Model S EVs and has been installed across North America.

Special terms apply and demonstration systems are in limited supply.

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About Evatran

The Plugless™ Level 2 EV Charging System, developed by Evatran™, is the first wireless electric vehicle (EV) charging system on the market in the world. Plugless offers customers a simple way to charge their EVs with the ease of wireless technology. In 2011, Evatran began field trials for Plugless with installations across the USA including at Google, SAP and Hertz. Since shipping its first production system in early 2014 Plugless units have provided more than 900,000 trouble-free charge hours. Partnership clients have included the Department of Energy, through its contract with Oak Ridge National Lab and the Swedish Energy Agency and with investments by VIE, a leading tier-1 automotive parts manufacturer based in China. In 2016 VIE and Evatran established a joint venture to meet the demand by OEMs manufacturing EVs for the Chinese market. In December 2016 the JV demonstrated a functioning 7.2kW production Plugless system charging a JAC iEV6s across 254mm of clearance, another first for Evatran.


Originally founded in 2009. Evatran is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia and is the market leader in meeting demand for high-power inductive EV charging products. To learn more about Plugless visit


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