6 Tech Products that Actually Make Your Day Better

Smart technology doesn’t have to mean you’re constantly arguing with Alexa, or Siri. Or even Jarvis. Technology isn’t all that smart if it needs us to engage with it rather than with our lives. It’s time to be smarter about product choice–to invest in technology that is designed to give us back our attention and focus.

Check out our top picks for intelligent technology. These 6 products improve your quality of life without demanding ever more of your attention.

1. Light-Based Alarm Clocks

The earliest, reddish rays of sunlight brush your eyelids. The natural waking process of your circadian rhythm is activated as the rooms slowly brightens with the soft, white light of early morning. A light-based alarm clock simulates the timing and light spectrum of a natural sunrise for a less jarring experience.

2. Learning Thermostat

A learning thermostat brings up the temperature with the sunrise, mimicking and encouraging the natural increase in body temperature that happens as you come out of the night’s temporary hibernation.

3. Seamless Phone Charging

“Dawn” reaches full brightness. Your phone, fully charged in its wireless charging cradle, comes out of “do not disturb” to let you know you might need a sweater this morning and an umbrella this evening.

4. Smart Notification System

You slip on a smartwatch or bracelet. For the rest of the day you’re made aware of only the most important work and family communications.

Technology taps into eons of evolution that has exquisitely attuned our natural body rhythms to light and temperature. It delivers all the “modern conveniences” of personalized, data-driven decision making with only the most important information. Your morning sucks a lot less.

5. A Self-Driving, Self-Charging Tesla Delivers a Carefree Commute

After your morning routine, you head towards your Tesla Model S. Calendar syncing means your car already knows the location of your morning meeting with your firm’s new client. You realize you never plugged in last night. But with product # 6 you realize that…

tesla model s

6. Autonomous Electric Vehicle Charging

You don’t have to worry about charging anymore. Your wireless car charging station automatically replenishes your car battery overnight, when electricity rates are especially low. Your car is fully charged with a battery capacity several hundred miles in excess of what you need for the day. As you press the brake pedal, your wireless EV charger automatically disengages. You exit your driveway as your car’s sensors give the all-clear on cross-traffic.

Wireless Tesla Model S autonomous charging with Plugless

Once on the freeway you can relax. You speed along in the relatively uncongested carpool lane where zero-emission drivers are allowed to ride solo. Your hands rest lightly on the wheel but your car’s self-driving assist is handling everything effortlessly. The news plays over the radio in the background as you mentally review key points to cover in your meeting. This is going to be a good day.

Inductive Level 2 Charger for Tesla Model S

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