Updated: 32 Different EVs Can Cover 100% of Daily Driving on Pure Electric Power in 2017

By Mia Yamauchi

How Far Can You Really Drive in an Electric Vehicle? EV Range Comparison Map

Images speak louder than words. To visualize  EV range numbers, check out the infographic below. We compare the pure-electric range of various EV and range-extended EVs to familiar maps of major US cities. The graphic shows just how far you can go on 100% clean electric power.

All EVs that get over 37 miles of range (the average daily US driving distance) that are being sold or planning to be sold in 2017 are included. Nearly all EVs with under 100 miles of electric range also have a gas extended (powered by a normal gas tank). Gas extended ranges are not shown. Two vehicles due out later this year do not yet have official range distances from the EPA. These estimates are indicated by an (*).

Pure EV range map overlay - updated May 2017

Wireless Charging For Tesla Model S.

Visualize How Far You Can Drive on Pure Electricity from 10 US Cities

Atlanta, GA


Austin, TX


Denver, CO


Kansas City, MO

US_EV_range_map_may_2017_Kansas City

Los Angeles, CA

US_EV_range_map_may_2017_Los Angeles

Miami, FL


Los Angeles, CA

US_EV_range_map_may_2017_Los Angeles

Phoenix, AZ


San Francisco

Seattle, WA


Washington, DC

US_EV_range_map_may_2017_Washington DC


Range Confidence Is Here – Especially with Wireless Charging

As you can see 32 different EVs sold in the US can cover 100% of your daily driving needs on pure electric power. Models with under 100 miles of range typically have a gas “range extender” option. That can enable zero-emission daily driving most days, and efficient gas-electric hybrid driving the rest of the time.

Most EVs on the road today can even be upgraded to charge themselves with 100% hands free charging from Plugless. Plugless lets EV owners forget about charging and simply enjoy the experience of EV ownership.

Sources: Inside EVs recently published an awesome data set, “Every Statistic. Every Price. For Every Plug-In Sold In The US” (link) used for the original version of this post from 2016. As huge EV geeks, we loved it and decided to make it visual in a series of three infographics. most of the data is directly from the  post. Updated data is from official EPA range estimates and manufacturer listings.

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