Graphic Shows 2017 Is the Year EVs Enter New Level of Affordability

By Mia Yamauchi

Cost per kWh Analysis Shows EVs Entering New Level of Affordability

Check out the second in our series of EV infographics! We compare the purchase price per battery capacity of various EVs and range-extended EVs that have gas hybrid backup systems.

Electric vehicle infographic EV purchase price per kwh comparison Plugless

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A New Era of EV Affordability Is Here

The visual shows that Tesla is unexpectedly cost-effective, claiming half of the top ten lowest costs in terms of purchase price per kWh. As an EV manufacturer, Tesla offers the most bang for your buck. However the single most cost-effective EV is produced by Chevy. A new era of affordable EVs with long range capabilities has arrived with the 2017 Chevy Bolt. The Bolt delivers 238 miles of pure electric range at nearly half the cost per kWh of the average BEV on the US Market.

Wireless Charging For Tesla Model S.

SourcesInside EVs recently published an awesome data set, “Every Statistic. Every Price. For Every Plug-In Sold In The US” (link). As huge EV geeks, we loved it and decided to make it visual in a series of three infographics. Most of the data is directly from the post. However, some updated data has become available since the original InsideEVs publication. Full data table here.

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